In general, the goods and services provided by a business are liable to VAT.

VAT is a consumption tax that is borne by the end consumer. VAT is paid in successive stages, i.e. for each transaction in the manufacturing and distribution process.

The standard VAT rate is 21%, but lower rates of 6% and 12% apply to certain categories of goods and services. You can find more information about VAT rates hereExternal link

VATExternal link (French-Dutch) taxpayers must fulfil a number of obligations:

  • an activity declaration when starting, changing or stopping activities;
  • keeping accounts by using an invoice book and a journal of receipts (the obligations vary depending on the VAT system);
  • a periodic VAT declaration (quarterly or monthly, depending on the case involved);
  • a special VAT declaration  for taxpayers liable to certain systems who do not submit a ‘classical’ periodic declaration;
  • an annual listing of customers paying VAT;
  • a summary of intra-Community operations (i.e. operations with other EU Member States).