Accounting obligations

The same system for keeping accounts does not apply to all companies. The relevant obligations vary depending on:

  • the legal form of the business;
  • the activity sector;
  • the turnover;
  • the balance sheet total;
  • the number of employees.

A distinction is drawn between three major categories of businesses (financial institutions and insurance companies are subject to clearly defined rules and regulations):

  • retailers that are allowed to keep only simplified accounts;
  • SMEs that have to keep full double-entry accounts, but which can opt for an abbreviated model;
  • large businesses that have to submit their annual accounts using the full model.

More information in the Business Vademecum of the FPS Economy, SMEs, Self-employed and EnergyExternal link (French-Dutch)

More information about annual accounts on the site of the National Bank of BelgiumExternal link (French-Dutch)