Regulated professions

Some profession are regulated. This means that:

  • only certain people are allowed to carry the titles of these professions;
  • these professions may only be exercised by people who meet certain conditions.

The procedure guideExternal link will provide you with an overview of regulated professions in Belgium. You will also find the application forms, relevant legal provisions and formalities that have to be completed for each regulated profession. Please click on the name of the licence or permit for more information (scope, requirements for access to the profession, ...).

There are different options:

  • You can download the list of procedures and save them as pdf.
  • You can ask a Point of Single Contact to apply for the licence or permit on your behalf with the competent authority. In this case, you have to complete your detailsExternal link and choose a Point of Single Contact. The Point of Single Contact will contact you as quickly as possible to let you know which documents you need to provide. The Point of Single Contact can charge you for this service.
  • You can submit your application directly with the competent authority.

You also need to know that Belgium has different decision-making levels which may require formalities. These formalities may vary from one region to the other. This is always mentioned on the information page regarding the licence or permit.

The European Commission also makes available on its website a database of regulated professionsExternal link for each country, with an overview of the competent authorities.