Social dialogue

Belgium is renowned for its social dialogue mechanism. In the private sector, this institutional framework for negotiations at various levels between social partners (trade unions and employers’ organisations) leads to the conclusion of collective labour agreementsExternal link.

Joint committeesExternal link were set up to negotiate collective labour agreements in each activity sector. The agreements cover working conditions, wages and managing peaceful industrial relations.

Peaceful industrial relations

When concluding collective labour agreements, employer and trade union representatives undertake to comply with the provisions of the respective agreement throughout the term of the agreement, thus ensuring peaceful industrial relations.

More information

View sectoral collective labour agreementsExternal link on the website of the FPS Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue.

View intersectoral collective labour agreementsExternal link on the website of the National Labour Council.

Find out more about social dialogueExternal link (works councilsExternal link, committees for prevention and protection at workExternal link, social electionsExternal link, trade union delegationsExternal link) on the website.