Hiring staff


Immediate declaration of employment (Dimona)

The immediate declaration of employment (Dimona) enables an employer to notify the National Social Security Office (NSSO) electronically that a worker has been hired or has left the organisation.

All employers, including public service employers, must use Dimona. 

Submitting the immediate declaration of employment

The declaration is very straightforward, only containing basic identity data for the employer and the worker and the start or end date of the worker’s employment.

Submit an immediate declaration of employmentExternal link (Dimona) via the website www.socialsecurity.be. Dimona can also be completed by phone (+32 (0)2 511 51 51).

You can find more information about hiring staffExternal link on the website of the FPS Economy, SMEs, Self-employed and Energy.

Conditions on hiring and recruiting staff

Certain validity requirementsExternal link need to be met to conclude a contract of employment. Moreover, during the recruitment procedure the employer must comply with requirements and rules relating to conduct (information regarding the job in question, non-discriminationExternal link, etc.) that are included in a collective labour agreementExternal link.