Human resources

Employing staff involves following a whole series of procedures and meeting the obligation to keep those social documents up to date which make it possible to:

  • ensure that workers are declared properly,
  • check proper compliance with labour legislation, especially with regard to the social protection of workers.

These documents must be kept up to date and stored by employers or by their social secretariat.

You can find more information about hiring staffExternal link on the website of the SPF Economy, SMEs, Self-employed and Energy.

Required documents

The virtually universal introduction of the immediate declaration of employment (Dimona)External link has considerably simplified, or even superseded, certain obligations. Examples of this are the staff registerExternal link and the attendance registerExternal link.

As well as Dimona, employers have to meet a number of other obligations – specifically, the obligations of individual benefit statements and statements of compensationExternal link (individual earnings record and pay statement), work regulationsExternal link and also the certificate of unemployment (form C4).

You can find more information about social documentsExternal link on the website of the FPS Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue.

Comprehensive information about acquiring these documents, keeping them up to date and how to complete them can be obtained from the following entities:

Social secretariats

Social secretariats can help employers deal with these procedures. Joining a social secretariat is not compulsory but if you do decide to join one, note that the accredited social secretariats are recognised and supervised by the public authorities. Among other things, the accredited social secretariat is the employer’s representative at the National Social Security Office (NSSO). In concrete terms, it performs a very wide of range of tasks, including the following:

  • processing data about wages and bonuses and about how to calculate them; 
  • joining a child benefit fund and an annual holiday fund; 
  • drafting declarations for wage-tax contributions and quarterly declarations and payments to NSSO;
  • drawing up contracts of employment, the staff register, various social documents (pay slip, individual earnings statement, holiday certificate, etc.).

View the list of social secretariatsExternal link on the site of the FPS Social Security.