Belgium: a country where it is pleasant to live

Quality of life

In many cases, quality of life is one of the key factors in deciding whether to set up a company or develop an investment project in a specific location.

In the Human Development Report (comprising the United Nations’ Human Development Index), more than 180 countries are ranked on the basis of their standard of living. Belgium occupies 17th place in this ranking, clearly showing that it is a country where it is pleasant to live.

Efficient healthcare

The Belgian healthcare system is renowned as one of the best in the world. It offers virtually universal cover for citizens, who can enjoy high-quality medical care at a low cost price. For example, Belgium has four doctors per 1,000 inhabitants, which is one of the best ratios in the OECD countries.

A highly developed transport network

Travel within Belgium or to other countries is very straightforward, and you can move around with any means of transport. The Belgian road and railway networks are among the densest in the world. The waterway network also holds its own and connects the port of Antwerp to the rest of the country.

Multilingualism and productivity

Many Belgians use a language other than their mother tongue on a daily basis. With its three official national languages and its central location in the heart of Europe, Belgium is not only multicultural but multilingual. This multilingualism means that Belgian employees are also among the most productive employees in the world.

Associations and schools using other languages

Japanese, Americans, French and many other ‘expats’ have their own cultural associations. Not only are they a useful source of information for newcomers to Belgium, but they also provide a much appreciated support mechanism. Moreover, European and international schools in Belgium – especially in Brussels – mean that foreigners can study in their mother tongue.

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