Excellent infrastructure

Belgium boasts a highly developed infrastructure of airports, ports, roads and railways.

Roads and railways

Linking up seamlessly with France, Germany and the Netherlands, the Belgian road network with its seven international motorways (with a combined length of 1,763 km) is one of the best in Europe. Regional roads (12,585 km) and provincial roads (1,349 km) provide potential sites for various business sectors throughout Belgium.

Belgium has one of thedensest rail networks in the world, carrying 188 million passengers and over 62 million tonnes of freight each year. High-speed trains run up to 10 times a day to London (111 minutes) and also provide fast connections to Cologne, Amsterdam and Paris (80 minutes). You can find comprehensive information about the Belgian rail network on www.b-rail.beExternal link.


The main Belgian ports are:

These include a number of large ports that are major intersections for global freight transport. The port of Antwerp is the second largest sea port in Europe. Its location between America, Asia and Africa enables short transit times from Antwerp to all the major destinations around the world. In 2008, almost 17,000 ships docked in Antwerp and the port handled 189.4 million tonnes of goods. It aims to expand to handle 300 million tonnes of goods per year.

The extensive inland waterway network (1,532 km) connects the major Belgian sea ports with other European inland waterways. Belgium’s major rivers (Scheldt and Meuse) and the adjoining tributaries and canals reach virtually every part of the country. This fine-meshed network – the second largest of its type in Europe – means that the waterways can easily be used for large-scale and environmentally friendly transportation and helps to keep costs down.


Brussels International AirportExternal link boasts flights to a wide range of destinations in Europe and worldwide, with flight times of under two hours to most other major European cities and 18.5 million passengers in 2008.

The airport has a reputation for punctuality and is also one of the most efficient airports at handling freight. In 2008, it handled no fewer than 661,143 tonnes of freight.

Liège-BiersetExternal link, CharleroiExternal link (Brussels South), AntwerpExternal link and OstendExternal link airports also have flights to many international destinations. In addition, airports in France (Lille and Paris) and the Netherlands (Amsterdam) can be reached quickly and easily.